About Us

About UsConcrete Creations, LLC specializes in transforming your old concrete into something new and amazing.  By using the “Engrave-A-Crete®” engraving systems we can change your existing concrete into any design of your choosing.  Whether it is a simple tile, ashlar slate or flagstone design or something you have created.  Once you have decided on your design, you then continue to make it your own by choosing your color or colors with 8 base stains that can be diluted to become all there own and 34 water based colors that can also be diluted or combined to make additional colors the options are endless.  We can transform your existing concrete into your dream.

We offer an alternative for homeowners, businesses and builders to installation of pavers and concrete stamping.

For a homeowner we can convert your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio, garage, basement or any interior concrete floor into a brilliant work of your design.  Engraving and staining isn’t just for your floors either, if you have concrete walls in you basement we can convert these on the interior or exterior of your home as well.  The work does not have to involve all of your concrete either, it could be just a simple border placed down the sides of your driveway or around the perimeter of your pool.  The simplest of things can change the entire look and increase the value of your home.

About Concrete Creations, LLCFor you business owners we can convert any of your grey concrete into something more.  Your interior floors, vestibules, and entrances and exits are all areas of possibility.  We can work on the smallest areas up to any square footage.  Not only can we engrave any design but we can also replicate your custom logo, labels, directions, and safety striping.  Not only does our process provide a floor that stands out but it also provides you with a floor that is low maintenance.

Over all, whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, our process offers you the opportunity for personalization, unlimited patterns and designs, color variations and floor finishes to transform your existing concrete into creation all your own.